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Kylie Hoffmann

Kylie Hoffmann


I am a mother of two young ladies, one with a partner. I have one stepdaughter and two stepsons all with partners. I also have a granddaughter and one grandson. We are a large, loud and crazy family that loves to gather to spend time together when time allows us. To and have many laughs, enjoying each other’s company.

I have worked in my husband’s gardening business for the last 12 years, whereby, I decided I wanted to do more to help people, my passion to help people was telling me to do more – so I decided a change was required for me.

I started my journey to become an NDIS provider as I have faced many challenges having a family member on the NDIS scheme, seeing exactly what it entails and wanting to do more to help people – I am on both sides of the system where I am a provider and also involved with my family member.

I have extensive knowledge with Mental Health due to thelongevity of personal experiences and courses completed to obtain knowledge and a deeper understanding of mental health.

I love music and love to attend music concerts and festivals, I love to hang out with family and friend. My favourite Rugby League teamsare the Brisbane Broncos and Queensland Maroons.

My passion is to make a difference in each and every person’s life in any way that I can and give them the best quality of life that they are able to achieve with integrity. I am a helper through and through and go above and beyond in every way possible that I can each and every day.

Shanes Sandoz

Shanes Sandoz

Chief Operations Officer

I am a family orientated man with 3 grown children with partners. Two sons and a daughter. I have two grandchildren, a granddaughter and a grandson. Therefore, I am a Poppy and I also have 2 stepdaughters, one with a partner. We call ourselves the “Brady Bunch Family”. Life is loud and exciting and crazy at times – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have my own gardening business which I have had for the last 13 years, I have been seeking a “sea-change” of jobs, whereby, I want to assist people in their day to day living and have a passion to help those who need it most.

I have been actively involved in the community for the last 25 years being the President, Secretary and Treasurer of Campbelltown Warriors Junior Football Rugby League Club, which I was made a Life Member. I have also been a water runner and assistant trainer in the Narellan Jets Senior Rugby League Football Club.

I love any activity that involves sport – such as golf, cricket, football, UFC, boxing and love to watch any type of sporting event. My favourite Rugby League Club is West Tigers.

I have a passion for music and love to go to music concerts and festivals and listen to all types of genres of music – ranging from country to rap to folk to jazz/pop. Music is very important in our lives as we find that it has given has solace when we needed it most and is very soothing for our souls

We are a family orientated business and our vision is to make sure that all our participants who come onboard with us – feel as welcomed as everyone who ever steps foot into our house.

Samantha Kellner

Samantha Kellner

Business Development Manager

I am a mother of 2 children a daughter and a son and was a single mother to my children throughout their life facing hardship and trauma and challenges constantly and have a vast understanding of day to day complexities with balancing family life, full time employment and being a single parent.

I come from a background in education with over 20 years experience in both mainstream and special needs. My knowledge that I have gained has given me an insight into dealing with various supports needed to assist people with today’s challenges.

I grew up competing in sports such as athletics, sailing and netball the latter, which I played and coached over the many years from club level to state level.

I enjoy listening to music and attending music concerts – I can play the guitar also and enjoy the company of my friends to have a sing along whilst playing the guitar especially around a fire toasting marshmallows.

It is my passion to support others with their learning and development through setting goals and developing strategies to achieve them. I have a vast knowledge of mental health through personally experiencing this in my family home and having to deal with the therapies and treatments to overcome these challenges.

My aim in  life is to ensure that wherever I can, to ensure that each person I meet  feels valued,listened to and cared for.

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